Sunday, December 30, 2012

Busted: Mark Levin Exposes Dianne Feinstein On Gun Control

  This Women Dianne Feinstein is advocating, and helping to pen sweeping legislation meant to decimate the 2nd Amendment.  The same rights that allow you to carry a concealed semi-automatic pistol in the defense of your's or families life would be stripped away from you, although Dianne Feinstein has been trained, armed and granted a concealed weapons permit would still be granted the right to bear arms, as she knows it was her right to do so. Under her and her supporter's platform you and I as common citizens would never bear these arms, yet her and the elite of our society would.
     How can any American, ever even ponder backing this legislation, tell me which one of our founding fathers though it best support the sole empowerment of government officers, and the culling of the american populace's liberties and rights?  As we see our elected officials elevated to a regard beyond that of the people they represent.  This isn't even a a one sided attack on the constitution, when they say the want to restrict violence in our media, they mean freedom of speech.  Some body better come up with a game plan to wake these people the fuck up, or we will commit an act that in our American tradition we have never done, lay down individual liberties to appease fears and the demands of leaders.  This could changer America forever.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Attorney General: Obama to Seek Ban on Semi-Automatic Rifles

 Since 2009 the Obama administration has been openly announcing their intention to re-issue the assault weapons ban.  This is disturbing for several reasons, first banning guns does not save lives, and for the administration to act as if this is a moral obligation prompted by a tragedy, then they are bold face liars.  Not once since this shooting has the administration sighted any of their previous all out intentions to ban assault weapons.  There is no character in cashing in on a tragedy and the anti-gun campaigns have become morally bankrupt spending on the account of this tragedy.  I think President Obama has helped this country beyond our own scope in many ways, yet this one act could under mind that terribly.  If the President wants to preserve a legacy of democratic freedom, and social empowerment, then he in no way can tell a law abiding citizen, that he can not be trusted to bear certain arms.  Whether that man is just a man, or a father or a even a solider.  How can people really think that altering our constitution on this one fact suddenly saves lives.  I hope the President doesn't really believe that.  51% of Americans oppose any new bans directly on firearms.  If our politicians still represent the will of the people none of them would support any legislation to ban any firearms then.  There are much better and simpler solutions to this issue, an old saying says " the simple answer is usually the right answer".  the simple answer here is pass legislation requiring at the least cable locks on weapons, Dramatically increase the penalty for possession, or trafficking in firearms for a legally ineligible convicted person.  Make it 10 years and no parole for possessing a firearm as a felon, and they will think twice before touching one.  These are simple answers that do not re-write our constitution.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Military Tribute: Hank Jr.; Country Boy Can Survive

Many of these country boys survived, and became soldiers of unbelievable skill and character due to their upbringing in a country where a father or mother could spend those childhoods in a country where you learned to use a firearm from a young age, where memories of hiking throw woods and stalking their prey hunting as a family rooted them in a deep patriotic tradition, a proudly American tradition.  My cousin Jesse was a young American solider who served bravely in Afghanistan and was in fire fight after firefight.  Thank God he came home to marry and start a family.  Those years I randomly spoke to my aunt and his mother, she would worry like only a parent can when her child has gone to war.  She told me of a letter she got from Jessie, where he described all the years hunting and shooting as a child and a young man.  he said during his 1st fire fight he went to a place in his mind where he was learning to hunt and shoot with his Grandfather who also served the Army Air corp, and then the US Air Force as a Fighter pilot in WW2.  He said those years taught him to fire a weapon, but also to kill the enemy and that as Grandpa Romey used to say "boys you can't pick how your born and how you enter this life, but sometimes in war, a solider can pick how he is about to die and he decided he would die a patriot if needed"  Jessie throughout the war moved forward not back, he saved lives, and killed OUR enemy's.  Why? that's easy "Because A country Boy Can Survive" Long story short the 2nd Amendment is indelible from the fabric of our nation, it's says we are always free from tyranny on all front's, and the common man is entrusted to BEAR ARMS, because as a nation we are a nation of good people.  Will we now allow the individual liberties of a just man to be stripped in a doomed attempt to protect us from the wicked?  I would hope not.  God Bless America, God Bless the American Solider, And God Bless the RIGHT to BEAR ARMS.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Colorado Shooting; Mayor Bloomberg Calls for Gun Control Stance From Oba...

      First and foremost this man is a fucking tool!  I know that's blunt, but keep in mind this is the jack-ass that made it a law in N.Y.C that makes any soft drink over 12 oz.s illegal.  I think that is a perfect example of the mind set that believes you can changes peoples behaviors by making laws against it.  In New York City it is now a  $250.00 fine to sell anything over 12 oz.s.  By that logic diabetes and obesity should be on their way out in NYC.  I'm quite sure that will work well for them.  Most importantly no-one and I mean no one is focusing on the fact that an Armor Light Rifle was not used in this latest attack.  these were pistols, legally purchased by the deranged sicko's mother that did this.  No ban on the so called assault rifles would stop this.  Supporting this type of proposed legislation is just stupid.  What caused all those children to die and their brave teachers was 1 sick bent minds decision to kill.  This is a pure example of Bloomberg soap-boxing on the dead to grab some camera time.  Big decisions are coming up ahead for our elected officials. Will we compromise our own ability to defend our selves and families?  Do people think that these politicians trumping this issue are trying to save lives.  Then ask theses same officials why they shipped millions of dollars worth of weapons to Mexico directly into the hands of insanely violent militant drug cartels that are currently using them to put a strangle hold on the Mexican People, which by the way have little or no way to fight back because they are a God Damn dis-armed nation.  Guns laws south of here certainly do seem to be protecting some one at least, the cartel members certainly appreciate not having to get shot at when they go to execute entire villages. Impeding our rights to legally possess a firearm will only affect those that wish to purchase one legally.  Not some deranged killer, only the person that wishes they had a weapon to fire back.

Saturday, December 15, 2012